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Marsha on the Move® memberships are now offered. 


Receive hand-typed quotes by mail, care packages, patron recognition, one-on-one Zoom sessions, travel coaching, trip planning and other bonuses for joining. 

Marsha on the Move™ combines all of the things that bring me joy and happiness: world travel, great food and the love notes, life lessons and travel wisdom living a life in pursuit of these passions produces.

I'm now offering economy, business and first class membership for Patrons through Patreon. Each tier will allow you to receive a physical item produced by my hands and thoughts each month. More advanced tiers will allow you to receive travel momentos, care packages, social media and website recognition and even one-on-one and group Zoom sessions with me. Membership numbers for each tier are limited. Mailings for members will begin at the first of the year.

I hope that you will be able to join me.


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